About the Savour Sisters

The Savour Sisters are two real sisters, Megan Gardiner and Susan Gardiner Auvinen, living in North Vancouver, British Columbia. Both sisters have a passion for food but in totally different areas, Megan in ingredients and formulating recipes, and Susan in preserving traditions, and capturing the beauty of food through photography.

Megan is the elder sister and works in marketing and communications. Her love of food comes from cooking with her mother making family classics and holiday dinners. She loves to pair ingredients to create new and exciting creations. Every time she steps in the kitchen her goal is to create something truly delicious.

Susan is the younger sister and is currently studying to be a Physiotherapist. Susan loves the stories and history that surround food and preserving the memories of the traditional mennonite cooking made by our grandmother and aunts. She loves to take photographs to commemorate the special events in our lives.

Want to learn more about the Savour Sisters? Have a cooking question? Looking for ideas on what to cook for dinner?  Send us an email at sistersgardiner@gmail.com and we will get right back to you.

Don't just eat...savour.


  1. Great looking website! The shots look amazing!

  2. Such a great idea for you guys to do this. Can not think of a better way for you both to combine your talents on one project. Looking forward to seeing, and sampling, you posts. Of course I am priviledged to have enjoyed so many meals around the Gardiner kitchen table over the past 30+ years.