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On this page we will be posting our thoughts and reviews on different products that we try. This will include cool tools, food products and recipes. If there is something you would like our thoughts on, let us know by emailing us at

PRODUCT REVIEW: New Flavour! Cream of Wheat Cinnamon Swirl

Cream of Wheat brings to mind visions of cold days and sitting in front of a steaming bowl of hot cereal before going outside in the morning.  Cream of Wheat has recently come out with a new flavour - Cinnamon Swirl, and I had the opportunity to give it a try.  I am a huge cinnamon fan but often find things that are flavoured with the spice are too sweet or the cinnamon flavour is too mild.

I have to say after trying this flavour, I was really and pleasantly surprised. There is a ton of flavour and it is nicely sweetened without being cloying.  I was so thrilled at how good it was.

So here is your chance to get a free sample of Cinnamon Swirl Cream of Wheat for yourself. Click on this link and they will mail it to you.

They only have a total of 5,000 samples to offer our Canadian fans. If they run out of samples, a $1 Cream of Wheat Coupon is also available  can be used towards the purchase of any Cream of Wheat hot cereal.

You can also come have breakfast with me!
PRODUCT REVIEW: Sweet Heat Chipotle Sauce by Hot Squeeze                          

Shopping at out favorite kitchen shop Gourmet Warehouse in Vancouver we came across this cool sauce by Hot Squeeze. It is designed to be one of those wonderfully versatile sauces perfect for marinades, glazes, or dipping sauces, and did they ever do a great job with this one!

We brushed it on grilled chicken legs and really enjoyed it, but we can also see how it would be great with sauteed prawns or an awesome dip for spring rolls.  For the more adventurous, it would be awesome tossed with some fresh raspberries or peaches and served over vanilla ice cream.

This isn't your traditional BBQ sauce, it isn't tomato based or smoky in flavour. It is a light, sweet sauce, with a hint of vinegar that keeps it from being cloying. When you first taste it you don't really notice the heat. But the heat builds as you eat and provides a great level of chipotle flavour without being harsh or too hot.

If you can't get to Gourmet Warehouse, go to to the Hot Squeeze website!
It is a great resource, not only to find where to get their products but it is also a repository of great recipe ideas using their sauces.

We both really enjoyed this sauce and look forward to trying the others.

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  1. Your blog is great and thank you so much for posting about Hot Squeeze!! I have just shipped an order out to Gourmet Warehouse and it includes Orange Ginger Zing. I hope you'll have a chance to try this one as well and look forward to your review.

    Good Luck Sisters!! Sue